Multifuncional Complex by Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak

Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak Presents The Crab Houses Multifuncional Complex

Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak, the creative mind behind the award winning project Multifuncional complex by Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak demonstrates, On the vast plain of the Silesian Lowlands, one magical mountain stands alone, covered in fog of mystery, towering over the picturesque town of Sobotka. There, amidst natural landscapes and legendary location, the Crab Houses complex: a research centre, is planned to be. As a part of town's revitalisation project, it is supposed to unleash creativity and innovativeness. The place brings together scientists, artists and local community. The shape of the pavilions is inspired by crabs entering rippling sea of grass. They will be illuminated at night, resembling fireflies hovering over the town..

Multifuncional Complex by Dagmara Oliwa & Anita Luniak Images:


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