Twins by Ece-Oguz Yalim

Ece-Oguz Yalim Spotlights The Twins Seating Units

Ece-Oguz Yalim, the creative mind behind the displayed work Twins by Ece-Oguz Yalim spells out, Twins is a seating unit for guests both in the offices and at the lounge areas. The split form of the product creates a surprising visual effect and it urges curiosity to understand how the parts stand together. Thin metal legs support this visual puzzle by creating contrast between the bulky body of the seating part and legs. So, the top part has a floating effect. Even though the separate seating parts mounted together, they stretch very gently, so they embrace the human body. With its sculpturesque, dynamic form, it creates a pleasing contrast with rectangular spaces of office interiors. .

Twins by Ece-Oguz Yalim Images:


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